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In The Spirit of The Holidays You Have to Believe

Do you question your decision to become a business owner?

Do you question your capabilities compared to your so called competition?

If you do PLEASE STOP!

As business owners we all have a few things in common a drive that compares to no other individual, a passion and fire that cannot be put out. We have to take that knowledge and passion and make it our driving force, you have to feel it in your soul and know you are doing the right thing. Don’t dwell on competition. Have a healthy knowledge of what they are doing but keep focused on your goals.

Some things you can do that can help people pay attention to your business are so simple! Facebook; EVERYONE tells me it doesn’t work, IT DOES when you have friends and family sharing your information it’s just as good as a client referral (we all know referrals are the best types of customers) however you are not going to get clients/customers from Facebook unless you are active. Get on every local business page, every school parent page, every event page you can. Is it time consuming YES but it is free and its word of mouth marketing. Which will in turn creates “Brand Loyalty” for you. Let’s face it we are local businesses we are not big box companies word of mouth referrals are our friends! OUR BEST FRIENDS!

Twitter: Here are 10 Twitter for business tips…

  • Follow people who are active themselves.

  • Retweet their tweets if you like what they are saying

  • If something good happens, tweet about it!

  • Share articles of interest and link the authors twitter name. (You are guaranteed at least one Retweet from that) Also, this member will reciprocate and share your articles so we are all assisting one another.

  • Tweet at least a day, preferably a few times per day though, at different times. (morning, lunch, evening, night) I find this most effective.

  • Ask people how they are… positive and offer your opinion if they ask for it. (However, keep away from controversy)