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Hammering Out #Hashtag Questions

A #hashtag is a business’s calling card in social media. It can essentially be part of your branding arsenal, by simply putting the # symbol in front of a key word you can open a world of conversation and networking for your company.

Research your Tags So often I have seen a hashtag and clicked it and the information was totally irrelevant. If you’re planning on adding hashtags to your content try using to search for relevant categories.

Don’t make your Hash Tag Too Long Over complicated hashtags are not search friendly and your post will get lost and potentially lose followers.

Don’t use to many #Hashtags I would suggest only using 2-3 hash tags tops, when you flood your post with a gaggle of hash tags you dilute the effectiveness of them.

CamelCase is your Buddy CamelCase is the practice of writing compound words or phrases such that each word or abbreviation begins with a capital letter. Camel case may start with a capital or, especially in programming languages, with a lowercase letter. Common examples are PowerPoint or iPhone. This will help with readability.

Join in on the Twitter Chats A Twitter chat is a way to get people together at a predetermined time and talk about a subject. Their purpose is to organize conversation and connect people. Check out TweetChat here.

Now you have some useful tips for your #hashtag journey, what are you waiting for new followers are waiting for you.

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